Monday, February 28, 2011

national pancake day...

March 1 is National Pancake Day!

Here's several yummies I've recently collected and thought that you might also like to try...
From I am Baker , these pretties are regular pancakes (made smaller to be different) then topped with either strawberries or blueberries. Instead of syrup, she used powdered sugar mixed with milk, a drop of vanilla plus a drop of either red or blue food coloring. 

Also from I am Baker, this delightful stack alternates regulars with red velvet pancakes! WHAAAAAAA? These are served with Blueberry Syrup  and  blueberries. Call me when these are ready! Her Red Velvet Pancake recipe can be found here.

How about these mouth watering Ciinnamon Roll pancakes from Baked Bree! She says "When people tell you that these are the best pancakes they have ever eaten, then you know that they are good.  These pancakes are exactly what you want when you are craving a cinnamon bun but do not have the time to make them.  These are sweet, cinnamon-y and fluffy.  To make something delicious and over the top, instead of maple syrup (which is also delicious), top them with cinnamon bun icing.  Nothing short of amazing!"  Get her recipe here.

A pretty rainbow stack can be made by simply adding food coloring to the batter!

How about this fun idea? Lay your cooked bacon on the griddle and then cover each one with batter to make delicious long pancakes!

I made these for my College Daughter, Libby!... (here for original post). Add some batter to an empty squirt bottle. Writing backwards, pour name into pan. (I wrote it backwards onto paper first so that I had something to look at and to follow.) Give it a few moments to start browning, then pour a pancake on top of the backwards name. I also made faces and hearts.

This last idea from I am Baker will have to wait until fall. She divided her batter among three bowls. One bowl of batter was left as is to make regular brown pancakes. Yellow food coloring was added to one bowl and orange to the last. After the pancakes were cooked, they were cut into leaf shapes and served with maple syrup. How clever!

I hope you have a delicious National Pancake Day! Use these ideas or get inspired to search out others for a scrumptious breakfast or supper.

For more terrific recipes I've been collecting, checkout my boards on Pinterest.


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

Thank you for posting this! I'm definitely going to get up a bit early tomorrow so I can make pancakes for my kiddos before school as a surprise (we usually reserve them for weekends!) What fun ideas - thank you! said...

This is a great post! My kids love pancakes. I am definitely going to have to try some of these. The cinnamon ones sound scrumptious! I love cinnamon!