Friday, February 26, 2010

Felted Sweater Socks

Make boot-liner socks from sweater sleeves in under 15 mins !

By Tanna Peters Alaskan Crafter

There is a fantastic way to whip together wool socks without the hassle of learning to knit. You will need a wool sweater (perhaps an old one from your closet, or one purchased from the thrift store), scissors, thread and a needle. Not much!

Put the sweater in your washer on high heat followed by the dryer on high heat as well. This will both shrink the sweater (so if you have larger feet make sure to buy a big sweater!) and felt the sweater. This process agitates and binds the fibers of the sweater together to create a frayless fabric.
Lay the felted sweater out flat and cut the arms off at the shoulder. Turn the sleeves inside out then pull one sleeve on like a sock with the ribbed edge at your calf and the shoulder edge at your toes.

Pin or mark with chalk the end of your new sock at the toeline. Stitch the marked edge together and trim the excess.

When you are complete, flip the sweater arm inside out and you have a brand new cozy wool sock that won't fray.

Tuck these babies in your rubber boots and you'll have instantly warm winter boots. Dress up your sock by felting a design around the top and folding it over your winter wellies. If it's a bit itchy, line your wool socks with fleece for double warmth.

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Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

Great idea! I have a couple of black sweaters that I am going to use for pillows, and now I have a use for the sleeves!