Monday, March 14, 2011

so classic...

my very first real grown-up perfume. It was Christmas when I was 12 years old. For the first time, there was a present under the tree for me with only "Daddy" on the from space. What?... not  Mama and Daddy? My daddy had bought a present  for me and was pretty proud about it, too. (poor, Mama!... all those kajillions   of gifts that she bought for every occasion all through the years and she, of course, put his name along with hers on each and every tag! But she was a trooper about the whole thing... )  What in the world was in that little box? Shaking and shaking it didn't help one bit. "Daddy!, pleeeease just give me one itty-bitty hint!" I begged for a few days... So he did. "It has something to do with TV", he admits. "Something that you see on TV on a show or commercial?" I try to clarify. "No. It has something to do with TV", he states.  I RACKED MY BRAIN FOR DAYS. It's 1969, people. I can't think of one single thing that has to do with TV that would fit into a box that small. Christmas Day finally arrives and I am so excited to rip into that mystery box. When I do, I am GIDDY! ... my very own real grown-up perfume! more sneakily having to steal my Mama's. (haha... like she couldn't smell it on me.) yipee! yipee! yipee!... Wait a minute. "Daddeeeee...! TV? This doesn't have ANYthing to do with a TV!".... "Sure it does. It says channel 5 right there on the label."


You nut! I miss you!  
beautiful image via Pinterest.


Cassie Bustamante said...

what an adorable story!

Susanne said...

What a sweet memory!
Love the magically delicious cupcakes too, so cute!